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Birth Certificate/Marriage License/Legal Name Change

Service Alberta regulates the registration of all vital events that occur in Alberta including births, deaths, marriages, and legal change of name. Vital Statistics also provides statistical information to other provincial and federal governments and approved health related agencies for comparison and research purposes.

Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates

We can process your vital statistic certificate requests. We may provide Certificates for individuals born, married, or for a death occurring in Alberta. We carry application forms for other provinces, however, it is up to the client to apply through that province for which the Birth, Marriage, or Death took place.

Each vital statistic certificate has different requirements.  For eligibility requirements please contact our office.  403 320-5588

Important Information.

  • Photo identification is required to process/order any certificate with us.  See our acceptable Photo Only  Identification page (Link – Photo Only)
  • The new Alberta Birth Certificate is available in one size.  The content on this certificate can or can not include parent name & birthplace of each parent as an option.
  • All Certificates are mailed to your home address within 7-10 business days.

*Rush Certificates

If you require a RUSH certificate we can have one delivered within 3 business days at an additional cost.

Questions on the above? Please call us and one of our professional registry staff will assist you. 403 320-5588

Marriage License

A Marriage License is valid for 3 months in the province of Alberta.

Both partners must be present when applying for the Marriage License. Both partners must present proper Identification. Examples are Driver’s License, Government ID Card, Passport, or a Birth Certificate.

If either party has been divorced they must provide the Certificate of Divorce. The Divorce Certificate is obtained from the Courthouse.

If either party has been widowed advise our staff. A death certificate is not required.

Both parties must provide names & birthplaces of both their parents.

* Please allow ½ hour for Marriage License application

**Questions on the Marriage License please call our office and one of our staff members can assist you.

A legal change of name can only be processed in Alberta for residents of Alberta. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Parents may apply on behalf of their children.

In some cases a change or correction to a person’s name does not require a legal change of name and may be changed through an amendment process.

There are no legal requirements to change a last name after marriage for couples married in Alberta. When a spouse wishes to use his/her married last name they may assume just his/her last name, or a combination of the two names is optional. This is not a legal change of name.

Any changes to your name outside of marriage requires a legal name change.

Requirements for Legal Name Change;

  • An Application for a legal change of name must be completed. Our office provides these applications. The application will guide you through the process and indicate what information will be required.
  • Acceptable Photo Identification at time of processing.
  • Anyone over the age of 12 must be finger printed to complete the application.
  • You must submit your application through our office. Important Note*  Applications mailed directly to Vital Statistics by you will not be processed.  They will be returned unprocessed.

Once Vital Statistics receives and approves the legal change of name, a Change of Name Certificate will be mailed to you.   This process will take 4-6 weeks.

Questions on the above? Please call us and one of our professional registry staff will assist you. 403 320-5588


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