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Commercial Insurance

McKillop wants our local businesses to keep their insurance policies here in our city. McKillop offers a wide range of commercial products for many different sectors. Our office has solutions for any business, be it small or large, one location or many.

  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Professional liability or E&O coverage
  • Directors & Officers
  • Cargo
  • Equipment Breakdown or Boiler Coverage
  • Tools/Equipment Floaters
  • Crime
  • Hole in One
  • Umbrella (Personal & Commercial)

Commercial Property

If you own or lease any property in your business operations you most likely require commercial property insurance.  Buildings, computers, office furniture, etc.  The Property policies can include several extensions to pick up many different things applicable to your everyday business operations such as installation floaters, property in transit, and coverage for trade shows.

Commercial General Liability

All operations or business activity requires liability insurance. This coverage indemnifies the insured for sums he may be required by law to pay to third parties as damages for bodily injury or damage to property.

Business Interruption

Your business operations can be interrupted by an insured loss.  This coverage offsets lost income while your business is shut down as a result of an insurable event,  as well as extra expenses incurred to reestablish your business.  An important coverage which is often overlooked.

Professional Liability/ E&O Coverage

Protects professionals against liability for damages and cost of defense based upon his/her alleged or real professional errors and omissions or mistakes, e.g., architects, engineers, medical malpractice, attorneys. Anyone who advises, recommends, consults or designs solutions should consider this coverage. Firms involved in providing technology and software as well as companies involved in mergers and acquisitions are particularly at risk of litigation.

Directors & Officers Coverage

This Insurance provides coverage for members of boards of directors against “wrongful acts,” which might include actual or alleged errors, omissions, misleading statements, and neglect or breach of duty on the part of the board of directors. Whether your organization is private, publicly traded, or non-profit, your directors and officers are exposed to several liabilities and can be held personally liable for both damages and defence costs. Claims can arise from a variety of sources – government, competitors, creditors, employees, as well as other stakeholders. The cost of defending these types of claims can be significant.

Cargo Coverage

Cargo insurance (also called marine cargo insurance) covers physical damage to, or loss of your goods while in transit by land, sea and air. If you ship your products to your customers by truck or air cargo you should have insurance unless you make your buyer responsible for the product once it leaves your premises.

Equipment Breakdown or Boiler

This coverage protects an organization against any losses that result from a breakdown of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, pressure vessels, boilers, production machinery, electrical apparatus and/or electronic equipment.

Tools/Equipment Floaters

Do you take tools or any specialized equipment to a job site? Property which leaves the insured premises (the office or shop) is no longer covered unless you have this insurance extension.

Crime Coverage

The crime packages can insure the following;

  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Loss inside the Premises
  • Loss outside the Premises
  • Money Orders & Counterfeit Paper
  • Depositors Forgery

Hole in One

Based on a simple probability formula your hole in one insurance policy covers the prize value of the promotion and you simply pay a cost-effective premium. Your company can become the talk of any golf tournament by offering enticing winnings. Great advertising and name promotion.

Umbrella (Personal & Commercial)

Umbrella insurance is a liability policy that provides additional liability coverage beyond that covered in a standard policy.

If your current auto insurance policy has a $1,000,000 liability limit and your Home policy is $1,000,000 liability limit. If you purchase a $1,000,000 personal umbrella insurance policy your umbrella coverage increases the auto and home liability limits to $2,000,000.

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